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10 Things to Think About When Choosing a Loving Pet Name

1.       What is the color of your pet?  Example: Brown then name it “Brownie”

2.       What is the place of origin for your pet? Example:  Oklahoma then “Sooner”

3.       What are the markings on your pet? Example:  Darker or lighter around the feet then “Bootsie”

4.       What is the strongest characteristic of your pet? Example:  cheerful then “Rosie”

5.       What is the color contrast on your pet? Example: Carmel and Chocolate Brown then “Snickers”

6.       Is your pet from a Royal type of Breed? Example: Great Pyrenees then “Duke” or “Duchess”, “Prince” or               "Princess”

7.       Does your pet have a particular behavior? Example:  Likes to run then name it “Dasher”

8.       Did you get your pet for a gift at a certain holiday? Example: Christmas then “Merry” or “Frosty”

9.       Does your pet remind you of someone? Example: Your relative then Uncle ____­ or Aunt ____

10.    Do you like a particular name that you heard before?  Example: Standard pet name then Rover or Tabby


Use your imagination, it is your pet, give it a pet name that you will enjoy saying over and over again.

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