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Pretty much everyone who considers their pet a part of the family, loves their pet.  At our house, our little half Havanese, half Dutch Spaniel ( Kooikerhondje), gets treated pretty much like a human.  We talk to her, give her treats, let her sleep in our bed.  She stays with me pretty much wherever I go through the day and is happily wagging her tail and running to the car when her "Daddy" gets home from work. 

This website is for people like us.  If you saw the title Love Your Pet and came to this website, I have a feeling you love your pet too.  This is a place where you can find what you need to show that love.  Be it grooming, accessories, pet care, pet toys or other needs for your pet, we seek to have what you need. 

This site is an Amazon site, so you can also use your Amazon Prime here.  We will be adding more specialized pet pages and products as we continue to expand.  I hope you enjoy your visit here.  If you send me a picture of the pet you love, or you and your pet together, I will put it up in the Pet Parade.  Our little Munchie will be the first up.  Browse at your leisure and enjoy your visit!

Valerie Knies

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"God gave the world a special gift when He made pets."




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